Course Faculty

Petr Arenberger, Prague, Czech Republic Veronique Del Marmol, Brussels, Belgium Thomas Dirschka, Wuppertal, Germany Reinhard Dummer, Zurich, Switzerland Ana-Maria Forsea, Bucharest, Romania Claus Garbe, Tuebingen, Germany Jean Jacques Grob, Marseille, France Jessica Hassel, Heidelberg, Germany Axel Hauschild, Kiel, Germany Christoph … Read More

Course Organization

The course consists of plenary sessions and interactive outbreak sessions. Plenary sessions will comprise clear structured and up-to-date presentations followed by audience discussion. Voting devices will be used to respond to multiple choice questions. These questions may precede the presentation … Read More

Educational Objectives

The principal aim of the course is to provide a comprehensive and detailed understanding of the decision-making process for the management of all types and stages of skin cancer. This will include diagnosis and primary treatment, management of locoregional disease … Read More

Target Audience

This 2-day educational course targets doctors who are actively involved in the treatment of skin cancer. Dermatologists or other specialists who have completed specialist training, or residents in the final year of their training program, are likely to gain the … Read More


The EADO is a non-profit organization funded in 1999 to promote, coordinate and improve clinical and laboratory research activities in the field of skin cancer including primary and secondary prevention, early detection, clinical diagnosis and clinical and experimental research. EADO … Read More

Scientific Program

The EADO initiates for the ninth time a course dedicated to fundamentals in skin cancer targeted to specialists and residents in the final phase of their resident program. They will benefit a comprehensive and updated course to improve their decision-making process … Read More

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